The plan

For almost two years, this plan has been in the making, and now here we stand, less than two months to go and it seems like most of the work still needs get done.

This plan, that once started as something between dreaming and boasting, is to ride two motorcycles to Mongolia over land, all the way.

Originally it was about Mongolia itself, the images we had of the vast open plains, the hardships that we saw Ewan and Charley go through, made us want to go there.

But, having chosen a different route, Mogolia has become a destination, one we are still incredibly excited about, but so many other places, countries and people await us. Iran, Kazachstan to name some of the huge ones, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbedjan to name a few smaller countries that I could not have pointed out on a map until I started looking into visa requirements.

We are hardly the first to venture out on this route, search the internet and you’ll find many stories of other travelers on similar or even the exact same route, traveling by just about any mode of transportation; motorcycles, normal bikes, on foot.