Thank you.

By Daaf

We found Ulaanbaatar after a few days of very relaxed riding through central Mongolia. Here, after numerous great meals, countless cocktails and many nights of restful sleep, we end our trip. We crated our bikes, somehow managed to pack everything we have in to air-travel acceptable luggage and now I am sitting in the aeroplane, going home! Mixed feelings about ending the journey, but mostly excited to get home, reunite and catch up.

What remains is to express my deep gratitude:

Thank you Inka, Tomas, Rodda for making our start easy and  warm,
Thank you Nabu hotel for saving us,
Thank you Hosein, Reza, Moshen for showing us Iran in its many wonderful ways,
Thank you random youths standing on a corner in Shagrud for hanging out with us,
Thank you border officials, for showing us so many ways of doing the same simple thing,
Thank you George and his colleagues at Muztoo for all your help fixing the bikes,
Thank you Marat and Anton of Silkroad off-road, for another round of welding my bike,
Thank you Alexander, for driving us all over Almaty, and your endless great advise,
Thank you Tatjana and her crew at AutoDan in Semey, for being the best garage crew ever,
Thank you Irina, Vova and your friend who’s name escapes me, for taking us from the fanciest place in Barnaul to the biker bar,
Thank you Vladimir for helping me fix yet another small thing on my bike,
Thank you Paul, Mathew and Milo for wonderful vodka and food filled nights,
Thank you random strangers along our route, for smiling your beautiful smiles,
Thank you Alison and Amanda for your great and inspiring company,

Thank all of you. Because of meeting you we did not just see beautiful landscapes and scenery, we saw the world!

And, thank you Pepijn, for your patience, your humour, and your friendship, and for going on this adventure with me.

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